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Montessori was developed by Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori, in the early twentieth century. The Method is built upon the idea that children develop and think differently than adults, and that they are competent beings, capable of self-directed learning. To encourage this capability, Dr. Montessori developed and refined numerous objects and tools that facilitate every phase of development, from motor skills to concrete knowledge to abstraction. Language, mathematics, spatial learning, self-discovery, music and art - they're all incorporated into the Montessori approach.

When adults first walk into a Montessori classroom, they're often astonished - both by the level of activity, and by how tidy and quiet it is. That's because besides allowing children to self-direct their activities, we encourage self-discipline, too. When children are truly interested in what they're doing, it's easy for them to become absorbed, and to absorb more knowledge.

We at Aryan kids World, each of us combine proven methods with nurturing your child needs to discover and grow. Employing a vast selection of genuine Montessori materials that are practically irresistible, they help guide children along the path of true discovery. Our special, proven approach can help your child enhance independence, inspiration and intelligence.


Each of our programs are designed to address the developmental needs of children individually, and to help them develop at their own pace. Each builds on the one before it, providing challenges appropriate to both age and skill levels.

. Toddler
program (ages 2-3)

. Primary
program (ages 3-6)


Ages 2 - 3

Dr. Montessori was one of the first to recognize that the first few years of a child's life are crucial to the development of personality and intellect. At this age, children are actively seeking out information, and learn quickly and easily. Toddlers are especially interested in demonstrating their independence, and we allows them the freedom to learn as much as quickly as possible.

Our teachers give toddlers responsive, individualized attention to help them build their skills in five important areas:

. Sensory and Perception
. Self-Help
. Language
. Physical and Motor Skills
. Social and Emotional Growth


Ages 3 - 6

To children, there is something very interesting and special in doing what adults find ordinary. Practical life exercises like sorting, pouring, washing dishes or polishing shoes absorbs them completely.

We recognize this as the beginning of control and coordination of mind and body, so here, learning revolves around tangible experiences. Children use concrete materials to learn math, movable alphabets to explore language, cubes, cylinders and other objects to categorize, find spatial relationships and more.

Our broad-based Primary Program includes:

. Science and Nature
. Music and Movement
. Cooking and Nutrition
. Cultural Awareness
. History
. Geography
. Language Arts
. Mathematics

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